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What Can You Do With Your Wine Chiller Stick?

Now You Can Improve Your Wine In Many Different Ways

Aerate Your Red Wine

Enhance your red wine's true aroma and flavor. Remove any unwanted taste

Keep The Perfect Drinking Temperature

Your wine tastes better when it is served at the best temperature

Pour Your Wine Without Drips And Spills

With the double layer pourer you can comfortably control the flow of your wine while pouring a glass

Use With All Wine Bottles

Just open the bottle of wine and insert the wine chiller

Wine Chiller Stick

Use The Spout With Or Without The Chill Rod

You choose how to use My Wine Passion Chiller Stick. Unscrew the stainless steel rod and use as wine pourer

Make More Room On The Table

Your wine chiller stick takes no extra space like an ice bucket

Use Your Wine Cooler Over And Over

Use your wine cooler stick many times without breaking or temperature deformations

Improve Your Time With Wine

You can improve your time by turning your ordinary bottle in to a masterpiece

My Wine Passion is Perfect for Red Wine

You can use My Wine Passion's wine cooler stick to cool down a bit your room temp red wine. Inserting the frozen rod inside the bottle of wine will drop a few degrees. Enough to enjoy the most of your wine.

Keep Your White Wine Chilled

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is made of stainless steel to preserve already chilled wine for up to an hour. Perfect for white, rose or sparkling wine. No need to go to the fridge to fill a glass. Indoors or outdoors - My Wine Passion Chiller Stick is there for you.

My Wine Passion keep chilled white wine temperature for up to an hour

Why Customers Chose My Wine Passion Chiller Stick

made of stainless steel - keeps wine temperature for up to an hour

best materials used - the highest quality stainless-steel 304 and acrylic are used

highlights the real wine boquet - keeps the true wine flavor untacked

just the right length - 12.6in - keeps your wine cool even after a few glasses

detachable spout - makes the wine chiller easy to use and store

all in one combination - wine aerator, beverage pourer and cooler - saves money

four silicon rings - snugly fits all wine bottles

unique double layer pourer - prevents wine drips and spills

beautiful gift box - perfect for any occasion

guaranteed customer satisfaction

How To Use My Wine Passion Chiller Stick

Using My Wine Passion Cooler Stick is simple and straight forward

detach the spout and put the chilling rod into the freezer for an hour

take the chilling rod out of the freezer and attach the spout just before use

pour a glass to make room into the bottle before insert the wine cooler stick

insert the wine chiller stick and make sure it seals well

tilt the bottle to pour and aerate wine at the same time

when the bottle is over carefully take the wine stick out

unsrew the spour from the rod and rinse both with warm water

dry the stainless steel rod to prevent water stains

take the chill rod back into the freezer for your next vino bottle


Everything That You Should Know About This Wine Cooler Stick

Can I store the chill rod in my freezer?

It is safe to store the rod in the freezer - it is made of stainless steel metal and could be stored in there until you are ready to use it. Keep in mind that it should be isulated from the food inside your freezer.

What is inside the tube that freezes?

It is not a tube, it is a solid stainless steel rod that cools down in the freezer and keeps wine temperature at optimal level. It is completely safe to use the chiller - no chance to break neither in the freezer nor in the bottle.

Will the wine chiller cool down a room temperature white wine?

Inserting the frozen rod into the bottle will drop the temperature a bit - between 6 and 8 degrees. It is recommended for red wines.

You should start with a already chilled bottle of white wine - it will keep its temperature.

How long can the chiller preserve the temperature for?

When used indoor in normal daily temperature it could keep the chill effect up to 45 minutes. If used outdoor it really depends - if it is sunny, windy and how hot it is, etc.

Is Wine Chiller Stick also a stopper? Can I put it in a bottle at home and take it out?

The wine aerator comes with no stopper - it is just a spout. It is safer to keep the chiller out of the closed bottle and insert it when ready to use.

What if I need my wine chilled for a little longer?

Simply get an extra rod which you can keep in your freezer. Whenever you feel like your wine needs to chill down again, just pull out the additional rod from your freezer and switch them around. You can enjoy your wine just at the right temperature for even longer.

How do I clean my Wine Chiller Stick? Is it dish washer safe?

Caring for My Wine Passion Wine Chiller Stick is really easy but you should keep it out of the dish washer! Just give it a quick dip in warm soapy water, rinse and then dry it by hand to prevent little water staines on the rod itself.

Is My Wine Passion Wine Chiller Stick safe to use?

Yes, it is made entirely of FDA approved materials - the rod is made of food-grade 304 satinless steel and the spout of food-grade acrylic and rubber.

What are the temperature guidelines for serving wine?

  • White Wine 48-58 °F / 9-14 °C
    White Wine 48-58 °F / 9-14 °C
  • Red Wine 57-68 °F / 13-20 °C
    Red Wine 57-68 °F / 13-20 °C
  • Rosé Wine 48-54 °F / 9-12 °C
    Rosé Wine 48-54 °F / 9-12 °C
  • Sparkling Wine 42-54 °F / 6-10 °C
    Sparkling Wine 42-54 °F / 6-10 °C

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