About My Wine Passion

We are a start-up that is focused to provide great customer service to all our customers. Our first product is My Wine Passion Chiller Stick. It is a wine accessory that you can use to aerate, pour and cool wine.

You can always contact our PR agent Michael B. Great at pr [a] mywinepassion [d] net.

The Wine Stalker Reviewed My Wine Passion Chiller Stick

[12 May 2015]

My Wine Passion received recognition from one of the top Twitter wine enthusiasts. Joey Casco reviewed the My Wine Passion Chiller Stick early this month and released his review on 7th May.


My Wine Passion And Corks And Cuvee Announce Their Giveaway Winner

[11 May 2015]

My Wine Passion and Corks and Cuvee present the winner of their giveaway. This is Linda Shadburn. She entered the event on 24 April by leaving a comment on Corks and Cuvee Facebook page.


My Wine Passion Organizes A Giveaway For Mother's Day

[5 May 2015]

My Wine Passion has announced a giveaway that is scheduled to end on Mother's Day. The event is the next in the giveaway series that the brand sets for its social audience.


My Wine Passion And Corks And Cuvee Announce A Giveaway

[24 Apr 2015]

My Wine Passion together with Corks and Cuvee are organizing a giveaway for persnickety wine enthusiasts. The giveaway is starting on 22nd April and the winner will be chosen on 29th April.


A Riesling Lover Won My Wine Passion Easter Giveaway

[10 Apr 2015]

On Sunday My Wine Passion announced the end of its Easter Giveaway. It is the second biggest giveaway after the one held on Valentine's Day in February. The giveaway winner is Rebecca B. who is from North Carolina.


My Wine Passion Schedules A Giveaway For Easter

[5 Apr 2015]

My Wine Passion greets all its present and future clients for the biggest Christian holiday of the year - Easter. On Sunday - the first day of Easter, the wine accessories brand announced the end of its Easter giveaway. Over the last week people were asked to share their thoughts on the topic "What Do You Love About Easter the Most?".


My Wine Passion Schedules A Giveaway For Easter

[3 Apr 2015]

Sulfites are one of the most well known wine preservative. They have been used more for than two thousand years. Sulfites are found naturally in wine as in most foods as well. Some wine makers add additional quantity in order to slow down the aeration process. Aeration or oxygenation can ruin a bottle of wine and even turn it into a bottle of vinegar.


My Wine Passion Schedules A Giveaway For Easter

[1 Apr 2015]

On Sunday My Wine Passion announced the next giveaway. The giveaway is based on the up coming Easter holiday. To enter the contest and win the prize everyone has to write a comment no the topic "What Do You Love About Easter the Most?". The company is using its blog to gather all comments at one place.


My Wine Passion Sets Ambitious Goals For The Second Quarter Of 2015

[1 Apr 2015]

Yesterday My Wine Passion announced its results for the past 3 months of 2015. Today Michael Great is announcing the plan of the company for Q2/2015. He considers the plan to be ambitious and promises that the company has some fantastic surprises for everyone.


My Wine Passion Announces Its Results For Q1 Of 2015

[31 Mar 2015]

Since the launch of the wine chiller stick on Amazon My Wine Passion has managed to gather over 50 reviews from its customers. All of them are 4- and 5-star reviews that prove the quality of the product and the service that My Wine Passion provides. Michael Great, the head of PR, was kind enough to provide details about the company results.


My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Comes In A New Minimalist Box

[30 Mar 2015]

Almost a month ago My Wine Passion launched a campaign where company's followers were asked to vote for three box prototypes. Today a spokesperson from the company PR department announced that the wine chiller with the new box is already available on Amazon. The box is known as "The Minimalist One". It is thick carton box with deep colours and glossy surface.


A Wine Chiller Stick Improves The Time With A Bottle Of Riesling

[27 Mar 2015]

My Wine Passion is a small wine accessories company. It has been established in the last days of 2014. The company establishes a brand that aims to help people improve their time with wine. The company has accounts on the most popular social medias and constantly delivers wine tips for its followers.


The Wine Chiller Stick By My Wine Passion Has A Growing 5-Star Review Reputation

[26 Mar 2015]

My Wine Passion is one of the top rated wine accessories retailers on Amazon.com. The company has released a brand new product in the beginning of 2015 – a wine chiller stick with a pouring spout. For less than three months from the official launch the product has gathered over 50 reviews. 90% of the reviews are 5-star reviews.

My Wine Passion Gives Free E-book With Its Wine Chiller Stick

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A Top Writer Helps My Wine Passion To Deliver Great Value To Its Customers

[20 Mar 2015] www.emailwire.com/release/180762-Top-Writer-Helps-My-Wine-Passion-To-Deliver-Great-Value-To-Its-Customers.html

7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Time With Wine By My Wine Passion

[19 Mar 2015] www.wolfarea.org/7-proven-ways-to-improve-your-time-with-wine-by-my-wine-passion.php

My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Is Number 1 Best Seller On Amazon In The USA

[18 Mar 2015] www.enharmonicpress.com/my-wine-passion-chiller-stick-is-number-1-best-seller-on-amazon-in-the-usa/

Free Cheat Sheet Helps People Find Smart Tips For Their Wine

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My Wine Passion Presented The Results For Its Box Design Vote

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My Wine Passion Asks Its Social Circle For Help

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My Wine Passion Introduced A Strategic Partnership With A Top Fiverr Seller

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My Wine Passion Introduced Its New Four Silicon Rings Pourer

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A Video Testimonial Takes A Closer Look At My Wine Passion Chill Stick

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My Wine Passion Uses YouTube To Spread The Word Of Its New Passion

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Ten People Has Won A Wine Chiller From My Wine Passion

[17 Feb 2015] www.receptic.com/ten-people-has-won-a-wine-chiller-from-my-wine-passion.htm

Double Layer Pourer Technology Guarantees Drip Free Wine Pouring

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My Wine Passion Offers Its Wine Chiller Stick With Additional Price Off

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7 Days Left To Enter My Wine Passion Valentine's Day Giveaway

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My Wine Passion Chiller Stick Received Recognition From A Top Amazon Reviewer

[04 Feb 2015] www.health-newswire.net/?prID=176497

My Wine Passion Has Announced Its Unconditional Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

[02 Feb 2015] www.emailwire.com/release/176213-My-Wine-Passion-Has-Announced-Its-Unconditional-Lifetime-Money-Back-Guarantee.html

My Wine Passion Is Announcing A Valentine's Day Giveaway

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My Wine Passion Is Announcing A Valentine's Day Giveaway

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A Company Asked Hundreds Of People How To Improve Time With Wine

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My Wine Passion Is Announcing 50% Off Sale Price For Valentine's Day

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Wine Accessory Company Finds New Way To Deliver Its Products To Customers

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My Wine Passion Introducing New How To Chill Wine Video

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A Company That Turns Time With Wine Into A Celebration

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